Gluten Free Certified

Maple Syrup Bottle

55.00 AED

Amount per 1/4 cup (60 ml) Calories 5 Total Fat 0g Sodium 50mg Total Carbohydrates 1g Protein 0g

45.00 AED

Ideal Protein’s Classic Balsamic Dressing is bursting with traditional balsamic flavor and ready to infuse any meal with the taste of Italy! Dieters can have it during any phase of the Ideal Protein Protocol. Serve over a salad, as a marinade, or use it as a dip with freshly cut vegetables.

45.00 AED

With only 5 calories/ 2 tablespoon this classic zesty Italian salad dressing is seasoned to deliver a burst of herbs and spices that will add flavor to any dish, and is sure to make your weight loss journey on the Ideal Protein Protocol a flavorful experience!

45.00 AED

Give your meals a tangy twist with the sweet and salty taste of Ideal Protein’s Oriental Sesame Sauce. Use it as a glaze, in stir fries, or as a dip to enhance the flavor of your fish, chicken, beef and vegetables on any phase of the Protocol!


Sea Salt

28.00 AED

The Ideal Salt is a combination of Sea Salt (mostly Sodium Chloride) and Potassium (Chloride). Dieters will consume 1/4 teaspoon of our salt per day, along with one Potassium tablet.

45.00 AED

Add a burst of flavor to your salad and vegetables while on the Ideal Protein Protocol. Upgrade your culinary creations with a drip, or a dollop of Ideal Protein’s sweet, zesty Honey and Dijon Dressing. It’s exquisite!

1,980.00 AED

This package includes: 12 boxes of Ideal Protein Food Products which is a full month of Ideal Protein Meal Plan. This meal plan contains breakfast, lunch and a snack and we will guide you on what is keto-friendly to have for your dinner. Weekly consultation with our dietitican where you are measured and fully checked [...]