Want to Lose Weight? Set Yourself Up for Weight Loss Success

Just as you wouldn’t begin an important and complex project at work or home without making plans beforehand, don’t start a new weight loss plan without taking some time to set yourself up for success. You can make your journey easier by doing the following before you start making changes to your eating habits: Determine

Snacking: How Often Is Too Often?

Whether it’s because we’re crazy busy, or because snacking helps with portion and craving control, many people find themselves snacking throughout the day – rather than eating “three square meals.” This raises the question, is this frequent snacking helpful for weight maintenance or not? The answer is, it depends. Snacking pros and cons Done right, ‘smart

Ramadan Fasting with Ideal Protein

If you are health conscious individual and watch your weight and always on the lookout for successful ways to drop those extra kilos, then you have for sure heard of the hot topic of fasting. The most popular form in Muslim countries is Ramadan fasting.  But how you ever wondered if fasting can actually help you

Debunking Myths About Weight Loss

Many people rely on the Internet for information on losing weight. There’s so much information on weight loss out there that it’s easy to get confused. Let’s try to separate fact from fiction when it comes to successful weight loss. Following are some of the more common weight loss myths that can ultimately affect your

Unlocked Secrets to Successfully Living A Healthier Lifestyle

If you’ve ever lost weight, you have probably experienced the rewards that come along with it: The thrill of getting back into your favorite jeans, that feeling of renewed confidence, the fun of receiving a flood of compliments everywhere you go…. it felt great, right? Then you had a setback. And before you knew it,

Sugar: Hiding in plain sight

Most of us are aware that sugar is bad for our waistline and our health. We also know the obvious culprits are soda, candy, pastries, sugary cereals and ice cream. But sugar is hiding out in places many of us would not expect. Sometimes, what we think of as “healthy” choices are in fact loaded

Before the Bite: Am I Really Hungry?

When we think about eating and why we eat, we often focus on the fundamental principles of providing our bodies with the “fuel” that we need to survive. But what other reasons might be behind our desire to eat? Most people eat for a host of reasons, both good and bad. If you’re trying to

What to Eat: Desk-Friendly Snacks

Finding healthy workplace snacks is a challenge for pretty much everyone, but it can be particularly daunting if you’re focused on losing or maintaining your weight. The best way to avoid the temptation of sugary treats and the allure of the vending machine is to keep snacks on-hand. Depending on where you are in your weight loss

Kids in the Kitchen: A Recipe for Fun

If you’re trying to lose weight or maintain weight loss, one of the most important things you can do is cook most of your meals at home. Home-cooked meals generally contain more nutrients and fewer unhealthy ingredients that might derail your healthy weight loss plan. Plus, there’s an added benefit to cooking at home: you