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  • We give you freedom of choice we do not restrict your every meal.
  • We guarantee fast and simple lasting results, not intermittent success.
  • We are your modified keto weight loss provider not your usual high fat keto solution.

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Finding the right & healthy meal for your body can be difficult. With Ideal Protein enjoy a minimum of two healthy, tasty meals with one snack everyday This ensures your weight loss journey is simple and sustainable in the long run. Not all calories are made equal.

If required (not mandatory but recommended for lasting results) you can schedule an appointment with an Ideal Protein dietician to understand the basics of Ketogenic diet and to better understand Ideal Protein weight loss plan. We complete an assessment of your nutritional needs and status then set your goals. Weight, body fat % and body measurements are also taken and goals discussed.You will also be emailed your body analysis report and measurement on weekly basis.

After choosing your complete and customized meal plan that is based on your preferences and allergies you are set to start.

We are so happy that you have reached your Ideal Body. You will now undergo Phase 2-4 to ensure a healthy and smooth maintenance & stabilization.

Reverse Diabetes

Ideal Protein alternative meal plan is tailor-made to reverse Type 2 diabetes


UAE is ranked 15th worldwide for diabetes


In 2017 there were over 1.185.500 cases of diabetes type 2 in UAE.


By 2040, diabetes is expected to double to 2.2 million