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“I’m proud that I committed to my Amazing Transformation because I now have an unstoppable energy and a belief in myself that I can accomplish anything! I feel better now at 61 than I did at 16 years old! I feel that the Ideal Protein program and my team at Barnes Chiropractic Health & Fitness have been a gift from God that has given me a new life!
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140.00 AED

Ideal Protein’s Vanilla Crispy Square is one of the tastiest and most popular products in the Ideal Protein lineup. With its light, vanilla taste and soft but crispy texture, the Vanilla Crispy square is so safely sinful, we know everyone will love it. 7 bars per box

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140.00 AED

Chocoholics can celebrate, as Ideal Protein’s Chocolate Crispy Square joins the extremely popular Crispy Square lineup! This sumptuous, crispy-textured treat delivers indulgent chocolate flavor and 15 grams of protein, at only 150 calories.  Whether you are at home, out walking the dog or running errands, the quality ingredients of this protein-filled snack will help fill you up and keep hunger at bay. 7 items per pack

Salty Snacks

Barbecue Crisps

140.00 AED

Ideal Protein’s BBQ Crisps offer a taste and texture similar to your favorite chips, and contains protein! This salty, spicy snack features just enough punch to make every bag a satisfying weight loss treat. 7 packets per box

140.00 AED

Our delicious Sea Salt and Vinegar Crisps are flavored with just the right amount of sea salt and vinegar that you would expect in any potato chip. Yet this amazing snack has almost none of the carbs, just a whole lot of awesomeness and protein in a full bag serving! 7 items per box

Reverse Diabetes

Ideal Protein alternative meal plan is tailor-made to reverse Type 2 diabetes

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